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Templar Assassin commission :). About to head up to Seattle for TI4, so super excited to share this!!!
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Transistor is out! Supergiant Games officialy has two characters that I may NOW MASH TOGETHER FOR THE GIGGLES :D!
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"Blood of the Dragon" for Ltd. Gallery’s upcoming exhibit based on George R. R. Martin’s novels. If you’re in Seattle I highly recommend stopping by and checking it out! http://www.ltdartgallery.com/
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Skullgirls fanart for my good friend, Alex Ahad (Skullgirls’ Creative Director extraordinaire!) 
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One Piece? ZORO!!! This is another Sargent color study/fanart. The painting I studied is the beautiful “Princess Demidoff.”
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Studying John Singer Sargent’s palette + I’m SO into One Piece right now! Nico Robin is so CLASSY!
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Sometimes you just gotta paint chicks with robot arms!
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Tonight I drew a mermaid :O!
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"Transistor" Postcard art!